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Bhadrasana Beneficial Pose

Start by placing the ankles under the scrotum on each side of perineum, the left knee on the left (side) and the right one on right (side). Now, firmly hold the feet with your hands. This is Bhadrasana a powerful, yet simple sitting pose.

Step By Step Sit erect.
Stretch your legs forward and keep them together.
Pull your legs inward and bring the feet towards the body, as you bend the knees outward.
Join the soles and keep your heels and toes together.
Form a fingerlock and clasp your fingers around the toes and the forepart of the feet.
Keep the trunk the body and head erect.
Bending your elbows outward, draw in the feet little by little until the heels are in front of the genitals. While doing this, widen the thighs and allow the knees to bend gently downward.
Lower your knees gently until they touch the floor.
Draw in the heels and fix them on either side of the perineum.
Sit erect.
Release the fingerlock, stretch forward the legs and resume the starting position.

This is a good five to eight breath position.

Recovery and Counterpose
Slowly release the pose.

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